Chiropractic Clinics in Guam

Chiropractic Clinics
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Active Life Chiropractic And Physical Therapy

    Chiropractic Clinic
155 Edward T Calvo Memorial Pkwy, Suite 101b, Tamuning, GU 96913
671-477-3472     671-477-3473
ortho clinic
Hagatna Chiropractic

    Chiropractic Clinic
562 Harmon Loop Rd Ste No129, Dededo, GU 96929
671-637-8901     671-637-8906
ortho clinic
Pacific Life Chiropractic

    Chiropractic Clinic
744 N Marine Corps Dr Ste 110, Tamuning, GU 96913
671-649-9355     671-649-9255
Chiropractic Clinic is a place where chiropractors practices chiropractic medicine that discipline within the healing arts which deals with the nervous system and its relationship to the spinal column and its interrelationship with other body systems.

Chiropractic Orthopedics is defined as that branch of chiropractic medicine that includes the continued acquisition of knowledge relative to both normal functions and diseases of the human body as they relate to the bones, joints, capsules, discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, their complete neurological and vascular components, referred organ systems and contiguous tissues. This also includes the development and perfection of skills relative to health maintenance when such exists and when not, the investigations, historical review, physical detection, correlative diagnosis development and complete management of any disorder within the bounds defined herein. Also necessary is the delivery of the combined knowledge and skill on a primary basis to patients who both need and desire this service to the eventual outcome of remissions, whenever resolution is not readily achievable. In addition the certified chiropractic orthopedist provides consultation services at the request of other qualified doctors seeking assistance in the care of their patients. The chiropractic orthopedist may also engage in the teaching and or research of subjects and materials relevant to pursuing the quest for knowledge in the ever changing field of the orthopedic specialty.
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